Staff at the Staffordshire Recovery Hub, which MHM delivers in collaboration with Making Space, WISEability and South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, held a day of activities yesterday to celebrate World Mental health Day and make the residents of Stafford more aware of what support was available to them. Trudy O'Brien, MHM's Locality Manager for the area, caught up with us to share some of the fantastic things that happened at this event...

As last year's Mental Health Day event went so well, we were excited for this year's, and it didn't disappoint - the day was a huge success and attracted service users, members of the general public, JobCentre advisors, NHS staff and even a few members of the local council.  

The members of the public who we spoke to really appreciated the event, and a lot of people commented on how excited they were to be able to share information with their friends and family members who they thought would benefit from our support. Some people also took referral forms for themselves, so it was a really successful day in terms of getting help to the people who need it. 

"Amazing, I will be letting my daughter know about this service as it would be ideal for her!" - event attendee

Members of the local council encouraged us to run more mental health awareness events, and staff from the local JobCentre caught up with us to invite us to future events with the possibility of having a regular slot at the centre.

The staff who volunteered to help run the stall also found the day really exciting. It was a busy day, but everyone there was so interested in what we were doing and it was very encouraging. 

"WOW - I loved today and did not realise how much people need the service, can we do more like this?" - event volunteer

I want to thank everyone who helped to make the day a success; it was a pleasure working with such a great team of staff and volunteers, who all deserve a big round of applause! Well done all.

- Trudy