Student Mental Health

Our time at University can be filled with new experiences, new friends and new challenges.  However one in four students will experience mental health problems whilst at University and these numbers are increasing.  Students face increasing tuition fees, reduced loans and huge pressure to succeed.  Such pressures mean that students are under more stress than ever before.  Students are feeling anxious, low in mood and worried.  Feeling this way can then lead to students feeling alone and unsupported. However your local Improving Access to Psychological Services (IAPT) is there to help and support any student struggling to cope, to ensure their University days are the very best they can be.

IAPT Integrating with Universities

IAPT services are free to access for all students and can provide vital and life changing support for students.  Therefore it’s essential for IAPT services to integrate with universities to ensure that students are referred without delay.  This integration could occur by joint advertising especially on social media, drop in clinics and lecturer/staff training on common mental health problems and IAPT.  IAPT's presence within freshers week, student events as well as IAPT presenting to students would be extremely helpful.

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