It is University Mental Health Day 2021 and it’s more important than ever to talk about student mental health. It is estimated that approximately one in five students have experienced a mental health problem whilst at university.

University can present many new challenges socially, academically, and financially. It is important that we recognise that whilst this period may be exciting, it can also be unsettling and difficult for many people. Whether it be moving away from home for the first time, having to form new relationships or dealing with academic pressures.  

Over the last year, there have been additional challenges resulting from the pandemic and the associated lockdown measures. The academic year has been filled with uncertainty and there is no concrete plan in place for universities to return.

In addition to this, the absence of many social activities may lead students to feel that they do not have an established support network around them. It is therefore essential that in a ‘virtual world’, we speak out and show that we are here to listen and provide support.

At MHM, we deliver IAPT talking therapies that are free to access for all students and can provide vital support. Students can find their local IAPT service by visiting

We also provide out-of-hours crisis services in University towns including Exeter, York, Coventry and Canterbury (Kent). These services offer mental health support in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, non-judgmental and non-clinical environment.

Please join us to recognise #UniMentalHealthDay and share messages of support to reach students in need.