Sunday is #WorldMentalHealthDay and this year’s theme is ‘mental health care for all’.

This year’s theme encourages us to understand one another's experiences and how who we are can impact our ability to access mental health support.

Over the course of the day, we will be sharing a range of information that looks at how factors can influence our mental health and our recovery journey.  

Around three-quarters of registered suicide deaths in 2020 were for men (ONS, 2021) and men are far less likely to seek professional support than women.

Ian, who recently ran a marathon in aid of Mental Health Matters, shares why talking about mental health is so important to him.

Ian’s story:

I missed a call from a dear friend when I was away on holiday. The next day I tried to ring him; but no answer. The next couple of days I then of course heard what had happened. He had taken this own life.  

Clearly, my dear friend was suffering with his mental health. Devastated wasn’t even the word. 

After events had passed by a few months, I realised I wanted to run a half marathon in his memory and mentioned it to his mother. She thought that would be a lovely/beautiful idea and she chose the organisation to where the funds were to go to. 

To date, I have raised £13,292 for Mental Health Matters. Very generously people have added more funds to the cause when I only realised myself 48hrs before the race I had been entered into the ‘full’ marathon!! I thank everyone so much for sponsoring me. It really means a great deal. 

I sincerely hope the money raised will help so many people in a vulnerable position.

I also hope that I will encourage more men to speak about mental health. It’s important to talk to someone you trust and not to suffer in silence.  

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