Call us on 0800 616 171 – a free 24/7 confidential helpline providing emotional support to residents of Coventry & Warwickshire.

Calling the helpline

Our helpline staff are highly skilled, trained and compassionate - they are here to help you. Things they can help you with may include:

  • Feeling low, anxious or stressed and feel that talking to another person might help you
  • In extreme emotional distress and feel that there is nowhere else to turn
  • You're caring for another person and finding it difficult to cope
  • You need advice about how to get more support with an issue that's affecting your mental wellbeing
  • You feel socially isolated and just need a chat 

Talking to someone on our Helpline can give you a feeling of relief, peace of mind and help improve your wellbeing. You won't be judged, and our service is confidential unless we believe that there is a risk to you or others. We can also sign-post you to a local service.

Following strict Government advice on COVID19, all of our staff are working from home, but we are still here for you.  You will hear a short welcome and a Support Worker will attempt to answer your call within a minute.  Where this is not possible, or where you are withholding your number, the system will hold your place in the queue so a Support Worker can call you back as soon as possible.  Please use this rather than redialling – calls will always be handled in order of arrival. 

In Coventry and Warwickshire, our helpline team work with a number of other local organisations as part of the Local Provider Forum, to ensure we provide the best support possible. 

Using Time Online webchat

Time Online is our webchat service - it works a bit like MSN or Facebook messenger, and is a confidential and easy way to talk to our Helpline staff if you're not comfortable talking on the telephone. You will be talking to the same highly skilled staff and receive the same service and support as you would if you called us.

To access the webchat, you just need to click this green tab, which you'll see floating on the left of any page on our website!

For more information about our helpline, including Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the main helpline page