Email: [email protected] 
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
This service covers Newcastle and Gateshead, Sunderland, South Tyneside, and Northumberland.

What we do:

Make Your Move is a specialist employment support service that provides people aged 18+ with all the support and guidance they need to help them find and stay in stable, paid employment. We work alongside them to identify their individual goals and find opportunities.

We provide a series of ‘job club’ courses which last for 6-12 weeks, beginning new courses regularly to allow new people to join throughout the year. The course modules may include:

  • Introduction & course outline
  • Personal Development - confidence building and recognising your assets
  • How "reasonable adjustments" work - identifying barriers and creating strategies to overcome them
  • Goal-setting
  • Job searching and applications – guidance with CVs and application forms
  • Skills Session – tailored to participants, may include literacy, numeracy in the workplace, where to find additional training, etc.
  • Find the right job for you – ‘vocational profiling’ and searching for jobs that
  • Work, benefits & budgeting
  • Making the most of JobCentrePlus resources
  • Interview preparation
  • Learning and growing from feedback
  • Maintaining employment

Support is delivered in groups, with additional support offered where needed via drop-in sessions. We can also provide online resources which you can access and work through in your own time at home if you cannot attend the groups.

Who is this service for?

Our service is open to people aged 18+ with physical or mental health issues and disabilities who are living in Newcastle and Gateshead, Sunderland, South Tyneside, and Northumberland. We can support people who are receiving Job Seeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit with a health marker, or Employment Support Allowance.

How can I access the service?

People can refer themselves for support, or be referred by Jobcentre Advisors, GPs, and other healthcare professionals (e.g. CPNs, Counsellors, CMHTs). You can find out how to make a referral by emailing [email protected]


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