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Healthy Happy South Tyneside

We are currently supporting the 'Healthy Happy South Tyneside' project. The research is currently gathering views from people who live, work or study in South Tyneside on what a healthier, happier South Tyneside looks like? The findings from this project will help shape the new health and wellbeing strategy for South Tyneside.  Download the feedback from here.

  • The completed document can be emailed to [email protected] or directly to Shelina ([email protected]).
  • Views can be shared via email ([email protected]), WhatsApp (07864 747 373) and via Facebook. There is a dedicated Facebook group for this project called Healthy Happy South Tyneside.

Creative responses in the form of pictures, poems and drawings are all welcome as well as recorded audio responses!

What we do:

Do you want to influence the development of mental health services? Are the services you use meeting your needs? Have you got any suggestions or ideas you think may help? South Tyneside Mental Health User Voice Service can help you with all of these things.

You may want to attend meetings that help to change the way mental health service users are treated, or challenge the way a service is run. Alternatively, you may simply want to find out more information on the things that directly affect you, or meet up with other members. MHM’s South Tyneside Mental Health User Voice Service exists to promote people’s involvement with mental health services in the South Tyneside area, as well as overall positive wellbeing. Challenging prejudice and stigma, reducing isolation and enabling people to increase their confidence. General support, including signposting to other cross-sector services. Supporting local area initiatives, consultations and events.

We aim to make a difference by:

  • Asking clients what they think of their treatment and care to try to improve the services they receive.
  • Challenging prejudice and stigma, reducing isolation and enabling clients to feel increased confidence.
  • Helping clients be a part of groups and attend meetings that have an impact on decisions that directly affect the future of Mental Health Services.
  • Offering clients opportunities to be involved in the recruitment and selection of mental health staff.
  • Enabling clients to work together to make their collective voice heard by both professionals and politicians.
  • Consulting on local, regional and national strategy, policy and provision of Mental Health Services.

Referral criteria:

Anyone living in South Tyneside who wants to get involved with the development of mental health services. Helping people to be part of groups, attend meetings and become involved in local area mental health and well-being related discussions and  events. Enabling people to work together to make their voices heard by professionals and politicians in relation to treatment and care, to try to improve the services they receive. 

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