Helen began her “MHM” life in 1987 as our Office Administrator. Helen has held many management positions in MHM including Communications, Policy, Operations, Marketing and Corporate Services.  In 2008 Helen became MHM’s Chief Operating Officer and in 2011 was appointed to the post of Chief Executive Officer.

Before joining MHM Helen worked for the Manpower Services Commission (Government funded training scheme) training young people in office administration.

"I recognise I have been incredibly fortunate to have had offered and to have taken opportunities to grow my skills and learn many new skills whilst working for MHM.  Our commitment to creating opportunities that enrich and enhance the lives of people that live with a mental health need and for those caring for people with mental health needs is the reason why MHM is here.  I am so proud of being part of a passionate, challenging charity and working with an amazing team of people."