Mental Health Matters work with many partners across the country in IAPT, Housing, Advocacy and Employment. We believe that getting the right partnership in place to deliver a project or a service is a great asset to any organisation as we can share skills, resources, best practice and find many cost benefits.

By working with us you can tap into over 34 years' experience in delivering excellent mental health and social care services including:

Employment – Bespoke employment support covering the full range of employment needs, from individuals who are job ready, to those furthest from the labour market. Our employment models are embedded and integrated in both health and social care. 

Housing – From 24/7 CQC registered care through to floating support services, providing support and an environment where people are empowered to develop the skills which will allow them to live independently.
We also work with major housing associations to offer support to staff and tenants around their mental health needs. 

Community Wellbeing and Recovery - Supporting individuals to engage and connect with their communities, creating meaningful opportunities, and supporting growth of personal networks. 

Support Matters Helpline – We provide 24/7 support both over the phone and via online technology to those in need in a range of locations. 

Talking Matters – MHM have been delivering IAPT services since 2008. Through working in partnership, we have continued to strengthen our delivery and consistently exceed national standards. We also offer a number of initiatives including:

  • Assessment waiting list support to existing IAPT providers
  • Treatment waiting list support to existing IAPT providers

This utilises our IAPT compliant Step 2 and Step 3 practitioners, with High Intensity Therapists delivering up to 300 Clinical Sessions in 12 weeks and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners delivering up to 400 Clinical Sessions in 12 weeks. We seamlessly integrate with our partners to ensure more people access the therapy they need. Read more about these Waiting List Initiatives

We currently deliver:

  • 50 contracts across Health and Social Care
  • Work with 36 Commissioners nationally
  • Work with 14 delivery partners 

All offering unique services tailored to local needs. If you are interested in working with MHM, why not get in touch with us?

MHM’s approach to developing partnerships:

“Sandpit” – All it takes is one idea, where with the right people around the table we can work start to build something brilliant. A sandpit day is something which we like to carry out with partners, where we can all throw our ideas onto the table and see what we can build. There is no obligation or commitment at this initial session; simply an opportunity to get to know each other and ensure that our vision and value align.

Information sharing – If all parties agree that we would like to progress our idea and potential partnership, we will put the relevant documents in place. These include non-disclosure or Information Sharing Agreements, as well as carrying out respective due diligence. These documents and processes keep all partners' information and intellectual property/ideas safe, meaning we can continue to develop and innovate our ideas.

Identify opportunities – At this point we can now start to look at what funding opportunities there are for us to work towards. We can develop our ideas, models and strategies whilst carrying out gap and market analysis.

Bidding – Once all of the idea and model development is in place and we have identified the appropriate opportunity, all that is left to do is to bid for the funding or contract!


We believe that through working in partnership we can deliver services which increase the quality and scale of support available to clients and commissioners. By taking the best bits of what each partner has to offer we can create services which are affordable, highly performing and accessible for those in need.

If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch to see what we can offer