Support & artwork: Peter's story

Peter has been accessing our services for three years and is now creating artwork to be displayed at our new locations across Kent. Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Leanne's Story

Leanne joined Mental Health Matters as a volunteer in January 2024. Read more

Paul's story - accessing support from Knowsley Moving Forward Together

Paul, coming towards the end of his support with Knowsley Moving Forward Together, has made great progress with his interactions in group sessions. Read more

Coping with University

On University Mental Health Day, a number of students have spoken about how their lives have benefitted from speaking to others about their issues and accessing support. Read more

Coping with a complex diagnosis

"MHM have helped me when I find it hard to manage; they have given me someone to talk to other than family. I receive a lot of encouragement from them to be more independent in sorting out money and the day-to-day stuff - I truly believe MHM keep me well." Read more

Making a home

"MHM have really helped my wellbeing and have always been consistent in being there for me with whatever I need." Read more

Road to Recovery

Vera has been on an amazing journey, from attending our 'Road To Recovery' programme to increase her confidence, to now volunteering supporting others on the same course and considering a career in community support. Read more

Increasing independence

Will struggles to go out by himself, as he gets anxious being around a lot people on his own, but with the help of a support worker he has began to gain confidence. Read more

Coping with sight-loss

Eleanor came to us really low in mood due to her deteriorating eyesight, but we were able to support her through several set-backs to maintain her independence and wellbeing. Read more

Giving something back

Sofia has now been in her new Peer Support role for 4 months. She has found it exciting, challenging and rewarding, and having structure and a purpose to her days has improved her mental wellbeing immensely. Read more

Managing money

Carrie now has far greater confidence and independence when it comes to managing her money, which will help her move on to living independently when she feels able. Read more

Working towards a brighter future

Jayden is feeling much more hopeful about this goals now that he is able to travel alone and meet new people with growing confidence. Read more