A persons hand holds up a house key against a brick backgroundCarrie* recently moved into one of MHM's supported accommodation services and is working towards living independently. When she first joined the service she struggled to manage her finances, so her brother was responsible for her money, but one of Carrie’s main goals that she wanted support with was to understand and manage her own finances. MHM, Carrie and her brother all worked together to identify local services which could support Carrie to improve her numeracy skills, and once Carrie had developed these we were able to work with her to build a better understanding of budgets. Her brother maintained regular contact with Carrie and the staff supporting her, and was reassured seeing the growth of his sister's ability to manage her own money. Carrie continued to work on her understanding of bank accounts and gain more choice and control over her finances. Carrie now has far greater confidence and independence when it comes to managing her money, which will help her move on to living independently when she feels able.

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* This case study is from a real client of MHM, but the names have been changed to protect their privacy.