MHM have worked with a number of organisations over the years, providing high quality training sessions allowing participants to explore mental health and related subjects in an interactive and safe manner.

 "Back in November 2017, Smart DCC embarked on a journey to establish a culture of wellbeing within its organisation. MHM have played a fundamental part in supporting Smart DCC in launching its wellbeing message to both leaders and colleagues.

We chose MHM because they are experienced professionals and experts in the field of mental health. They were able to advise on the best way to bring mental health awareness to our colleagues, giving us the confidence to tackle this sensitive issue, enabling the education of our leaders to break down the barriers in addressing mental health in the workplace.

MHM are constantly supportive of our initiatives and ready to make suggestions on how to improve our approach without over-selling their services. We at Smart DCC are looking forward to building our relationship with MHM in the future.

- Helen Howard, People Development Business Partner at DCC

“Great training, really thought provoking and lots to think about.”
“Neil was a great presenter and made the day very enjoyable.”
“Brilliant training, very informative.”

“Really thought provoking.”
“Really enjoyable training session.”
“I feel more confident to deal with this subject now.”

“Great, interesting and fascinating session, Neil’s knowledge and interpretation was fantastic.”
“Very informative, insightful and useful. The facts are fascinating. Neil's knowledge was amazing!”
“Good, interactive session. Learnt a lot!”

“Very enjoyable course, good advice which I will certainly use in my role.”
"Enjoyed the course, delivered in an engaging way.”
“I enjoyed this session, very interesting.”

“Neil made the subject interesting, kept our interest while imparting excellent information and guidance.”
“Neil was great and explained things perfectly, well understood.”

“The course was very interesting and informative, excellent trainer”
“Fabulous course with a great knowledgeable trainer, really enjoyed it”
“One of the best, most interesting training sessions I have attended. Very helpful, very informative, very enjoyable”