In August, we are due to launch a new out-of-hours service in Barnsley. This service will support adults aged 18 and over and offer mental health support in a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental, and non-clinical environment.

The service aims to support people in mental distress and prevent deterioration into crisis and help people to access appropriate resources and support in the community. 

As an organisation, we are passionate about working collaboratively with those who access our services and their local communities. As part of this launch, we have been working with the community to select a name for the new service. 

In June, we put out a request for creative ideas and from that, we generated six name that were put to a public vote. 

We are pleased to announce that the name selected is Barnsley Support Hub!

It was really valuable to understand why the name was chosen by the public. Feedback included: 

"It seems more unique and I like the reference to support rather than crisis".

"It's welcoming and doesn't use stigmatising wording".

"Support suggests you're going to help and provide not just somewhere to go, but things that will make a difference on that day and in the future".  

Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and suggestions. We look forward to launching the service and supporting the residents of Barnsley.