Two young men playing table tennisWhen we first started working with Jack* his mood was incredibly low and he was severely lacking in confidence. He had been through an extremely difficult time, both in his personal life and at work, and his thoughts were very negative and focused on the past. All these burdens were making it extremely difficult for him to look for employment.

Due to his lack of confidence, Jack was unsure about his future and the direction that he wanted to go in, so we started our support by going back to basics - discussing what he actually enjoyed doing. It became clear that Jack had a keen interest in sports, and he had taught martial arts and archery in the past! He agreed that he would like to build these existing skills into a career for himself.

We helped Jack to get in touch with a sports mentorship programme, which provided information on training and volunteering opportunities in the local area. Jack worked hard, successfully gaining coaching certificates in rugby and table tennis. He went on to secure employment as a table tennis coach in a local school. Most importantly, Jack has grown in confidence and self-esteem, and his emotional wellbeing has improved dramatically as a result.

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* This case study is from a real client of MHM, but the names have been changed and the photo has been staged by an actor to protect their privacy.