There are many different psychological and talking therapies and it's important to choose the right approach for you. The following checklist may help you to decide if CBT will suit you: 

  • You want to understand what maintains your problem
  • You want to manage your problem more effectively
  • You are willing to give different ways of thinking a try
  • You want to be an active partner in your treatment
  • You want a short term, time-limited therapy

For more information on what to expect from CBT, you can download this leaflet from the Department of Health about what to expect from CBT.

You can also read this leaflet about what other types of therapy you may be offered.

Depending on your problems, it may be that another service is more helpful in providing you with the support and help that you need. We'll discuss these options with you and, when appropriate and with your permission, can refer you on to a more suitable service. Sometimes, you may need to tackle certain other problems before we can best help you.
We are the single point of access for St Josephs Counselling and Making Space Computerised CBT.