Phone: 0191 272 2226
Email: [email protected]
Postal address: 40a, Grainger Park Road, Newcastle, NE4 8RY

What we do:

The aim of the service is to support people who have mental health needs and are in need of a place to live, to move into temporary housing for a period of up to two years and be supported there. This support will be to enable each person to develop all the necessary skills, understanding and links with other agencies to be able to live independently in their own home as part of their local community.

MHM provides this service in partnership with three housing associations who supply the properties used for this service, providing support to people in 18 flats across Newcastle. In some of the buildings, there is a shared main entrance, hallway and stairs but each individual has their own lockable front door which no-one else can get into. Each of these flats is fully furnished, equipped and decorated by MHM. This includes crockery and cutlery as well as pans for cooking.

Every person who is accepted onto this service is allocated a key-worker from our team of dedicated and fully trained support staff. This key-worker will hold one-to-one meetings with each service user regularly, at least once a week according to need. In these times they will work together to develop a support plan that will help the person being supported achieve the aim set out above. They will be able to live in their own home either without the need for support or knowing for themselves where to get that support from.

The support provided will help each service user to identify areas of their lives where they have experienced problems in the past. These problems may have led to them losing the housing they used to have and feeling now that they would not be able to cope with that responsibility again. We will enable them to deal with all these issues and develop the self–confidence that they can achieve a positive future in their own home.

As well as a dedicated key-worker, service users will receive support from the whole team as needed. They will also be supported to establish links with other support groups and community organisations which they can be part of to both receive and give support.

The support staff will work with each service user throughout their stay with us to help them make applications for re-housing into longer-term housing. Each person will be helped to prepare for the day when they will move into a new home where they can be fully part of their local community.

Who is this service for?

We can offer support to people aged 18+

How to access the service:

You'll need to access the service through the Newcastle Gateway; your care manager can do this for you. You can also contact the Newcastle Housing Advice Centre on 0191 277 1711.