We are excited to announce that our Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services will be re-branding to NHS Talking Therapies.

Following an extensive national consultation process, NHS Talking Therapies was voted the most accessible name, and the easiest one to understand, by a wide range of staff, charities, patients and the general public. It will be accompanied with a tagline ‘for anxiety and depression’ to clarify what conditions our therapies aim to treat.

The change of name will not impact the mental health care that people receive. Our three existing IAPT services; Talking Matters Northumberland, Talking Matters Sefton and Talking Matters Warrington will be renamed to NHS Northumberland Talking Therapies, NHS Sefton Talking Therapies and NHS Warrington Talking Therapies.

The names might be changing but our services will stay the same. This change won't affect our teams or the mental health care that people receive.