Following comments by the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, that there is a national "sicknote culture", and a risk of "over-medicalising" normal worries by diagnosing them as mental health conditions, Jane Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Mental Health Matters, has called for greater consideration of the language used which could have an impact on those living with a mental health condition.

Commenting on behalf of the organisation, she said: "Significant progress has been made in overcoming the stigma associated with mental health, and public officials have a responsibility to make sure they do not add to that stigma.

Whilst the Prime Minister is right to stress the importance of not trivialising the challenges people face, language used in recent weeks on mental health by the Government has been nevertheless concerning.

The best path to supporting mental health in the workplace will be through early intervention programmes, pathways to support those in a crisis, as well as properly funding service provisions. A cultural shift on mental health cannot be about shifting the responsibility to the individuals themselves, and removing oversight from trained health professionals for the health and wellbeing of those who need support or help

We are hopeful that this will be addressed and clarified in the coming weeks by the Prime Minister."