The UK Government has announced the strategic framework for the Major Conditions Strategy including new measures to support mental health in England.

Commenting on behalf of Mental Health Matters, Jane Hughes, Chief Executive said “The Major Conditions Strategy appears to outline a framework that will go some way in enabling mental health services to provide the best possible care for those who require support.

We are delighted to see several of our recommendations included in the strategic framework announced this week, especially as it relates to expanding the integration of mental and physical health and tackling the stigma still associated with living with a mental health condition.

The announcement of a mental health and wellbeing impact assessment tool to support government policymaking is a welcome one. We believe it will support a shift towards preventive mental health care and help deliver the best possible outcomes for people who access our services.

We will await further information on how the strategy will develop to address the variety of challenges faced by the mental health sector”.