The webchat service uses a programme called Cirrus Response provided to us by Cirrus via our contact handling contract with Ethos Voice & Data (EVAD).  MHM is the data controller.  All use of this service is subject to the following terms and conditions.

MHM reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating the text on this page. Please review the terms and conditions regularly as further use of the webchat service after changes to the terms and conditions are posted means that you agree to be legally bound by the updated Terms and Conditions of Use.


The webchat service is intended to provide emotional and crisis support only. It is not intended to provide medical or professional advice. MHM does not accept liability to any person relating to the use of any information contained within or exchanged via the Online Support

Service Availability

The aim of the webchat service is to enhance support available to people aged over 16 living in eligible areas.

In the event that the webchat service is busy, you will be made aware that your request for support is being held in a queue until the next staff member becomes available.

Should you require urgent support please telephone:

Should you access online support on more than one occasion, due to the way in which the service is delivered, we are unable to offer you a response from the same member of staff on each occasion.

Third Party Websites

Staff operating MHM's webchat service have the ability to 'push' external links and web pages to the person accessing this service. Such links are provided for the convenience of the person accessing the service. MHM does not control such websites, and it is not responsible for their content. Use of such websites does not imply any endorsement of the material contained therein. The person accessing the service is solely responsible for evaluating the accuracy, value and integrity of any information, goods, advice or services offered by such websites.

Virus Protection

Whilst MHM endeavour to safeguard its website and the webchat service from viruses and other potentially dangerous software, MHM accept no liability for any virus or other potentially dangerous software that it has been unable to exclude. You are asked therefore to take all appropriate safeguards before downloading information from the website or accessing the webchat service.

Privacy and Data Protection

The webchat service is a confidential service and MHM are committed to protecting your privacy. However in registering with the service you are giving your full consent to MHM that we can share information with relevant agencies in the event that you provide any information that leads staff to believe that:

  • you are at risk of harm to yourself;
  • you are at risk of harm to others;
  • there is a child at risk of harm of any kind;
  • a caller threatens a member of MHM staff; or
  • an act of crime or terrorism has or is likely to be committed

MHM must also inform you that we may be forced to divulge information shared with us in the event that we receive a court order requiring us to do so.

If we believe it is necessary to share your information with a third party, or if we are legally obliged to do so, we will if possible make you aware of this and offer you any support that you may need in connection to this.

Registration for the webchat service requires you to provide certain information. This includes a username, your gender, your age and your location. This information is requested to enable MHM to provide you with support that is tailored to your needs.

Any information that is recorded about you by MHM when using the webchat service is stored confidentially within MHM. MHM may use the information for training purposes.

For information about how we handle client data, please read our Client Privacy Notice at

For general use of MHM's Website please read our Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy.


During the course of any use of the webchat service via our website the pages that you see, along with a short text file called a 'cookie', are downloaded to your computer. Cookies enable website publishers to find out if a computer and potentially a user has visited the website before.

In relation to the webchat service, cookies may enable MHM to provide support that is based on information that you have provided during a previous visit to the site & service. It is not our intention to use this information in any other way.

For further information on MHM’s use of cookies, please refer to our Privacy & Cookies Policy.